iCam Becomes First Double Platinum Sponsor for the Savannah Smiles Foundation

iCam, a local Facebook Gaming Streamer, has devoted his stream donations to benefit the Savannah Smiles Foundation.

iCam, a local Facebook streamer, has devoted 100% of his donations toward the Savannah Smiles Foundation. Each month, Cam tries to find a nonprofit or organization that he is passionate about so he can raise money and give back. He loves that he can use his platform to pay it forward and do some good in this world.

He recently had a goal to reach $5000 in donations for the Savannah Smiles Foundation and we are ecstatic to announce he has hit that mark in just five days! With this donation amount, Cam will be our first Platinum and Double Platinum Sponsor! The foundation and many others appreciate your positive impact in the community and cannot thank you enough for always giving back. We also want to thank all of the Cam Fam and others who donated, as your contributions will make a positive impact in the community.

Check out the video below to learn why he chose the Savannah Smiles Foundation!

Once again, we can't thank Cam enough. We appreciate his passion towards the foundation and his overall generosity throughout the community. We wish him the best and much success with his career in streaming and content creation. Go like, follow, and support iCam! Links are below.


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