Our purpose for this non-profit foundation is to provide kids who have a loved one suffering from addiction or who have lost a parent/loved one to addiction with their own support group of their peers. We want to give children a safe, educating environment where they can talk, make friends, and engage in crafts and therapeutic activities that allow them to express themselves.  

To support kids in our community by giving them their own voice, peer groups, and purpose while learning to understand and cope with addiction in the family. 

Our Mission

"Every child dealing with addiction in the family deserves the right to a better path." 

 Jennifer Arnold-Brazell, Co-Founder/Director

Our Pledge

We promise to uphold faith-based principles in providing services, support, and resources to the children who also suffer from the adverse effects that addiction causes to the whole family.  

Savannah Smiles Referral

We will be providing the means to therapy and group sessions to children regardless if they are uninsured or underinsured.  The foundation will give the children access to many fun activities, including art therapy, outdoor events, a mentorship program, and educational offerings.  The foundation will specifically be run by volunteers that include a nurse educator, art teachers, and counselors who specialize in addiction.  The mentorship program will also be led by a group of volunteers who have overcome addiction and now want to help other understand the adverse effects that addiction can have in a family.  The programs will provide the means to coping mechanisms, as well as support through a group of their own peers that have shared the same experiences.


In memory of Savannah Stephens



Savannah Smiles Foundation was created in Honor of Savannah Stephens who was a loving mother, daughter, and friend to so many within the community. Savannah fought addiction for 9 years and throughout her battle, she never stopped trying to help others. She lost her fight in March 2020, but the foundation will carry on her fight and make a difference in the lives of the children within our community.